Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series Prediction Based on Random Collection of Photos

Until I just visited I thought that the World Series was going to be pretty interesting and then I saw this picture that they had on their main page.How much more intimidating are the Red Sox than the Rockies here? Beckett looks like he is about the murder someone, seriously I think whoever took that picture immediately collapsed of a brain aneurysm or something. Oritz has that bad-ass "I know something you don't know" smirk and looks 3 times the size of everybody else. Manny, well, Manny is just Manny he could give a shit if this was June 24 or October 24.

Now the Rockies, Matt Holliday (I assume that it's him on the left) looks a little surprised and doesn't really give me anything to make fun of him for. Todd Helton is rocking his poser Kevin Youkilis goatee and trying his best to look hard while giving his Blue Steel look. Sorry I can't really be intimidated by anyone hitting below the Mendoza line in the playoffs. And that brings us to little Jeffy Francis. Look at that guy, seriously dude looks like the biggest nerd in human history. I kinda feel sorry for him actually. I would probably be more intimidated batting against Orville Redenbacher than Jeffy.

That being said I think the Sox can win but the Rockies do make me a bit nervous, except for Orville. Sox in 6

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