Monday, October 8, 2007

Mr. Pibb's Put It In Your Head Song of the Day

That's right monkeys Mr. Pibb is back to tell you what hot track to shove in your ear.

Mr. Pibb has decided to piggy back on the concept developed over at Barstool Sports and declare today's song of the day a Cougar Anthem. What is a Cougar Anthem, you ask. I'll let the experts from the Stool handle this one:

1. If the song is BY an actual cougar - Stevie Nicks, Heart, Pat Benatar, etc. you're
automatically in. It's like getting 3000 hits or 300 wins. "Seventeen", "Barracuda", "Love is a Battlefield", all locks.

2. If the song is NOT by an actual cougar, it needs to be a song about a cougar, i.e. Boston's "Amanda", Kiss' "Beth", The Eagles' "Witchy Woman" or Queensryche's "Jet City Woman."

3. Finally, the last criteria is the "sky-punch" a.k.a. "rockfist", whichever you prefer, needs to be mandatory when the chorus "kicks in". Examples again include "Jet City Woman", Def Leppard's "Rocket", and Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock". If you don't meet the first two criteria, you have to hit #3 - the mandatory "sky punch", because if there's anything cougars love more than hitting on younger men and chain-smoking Parliaments, it's sky-punching.

In Mr. Pibb's opinion the preeminent Cougar Anthem is Bad Company's Feel Like Making Love but according to votes conducted at the Stool the Scorpion's Rock You Like a Hurricane is the #1 Cougar Anthem of all time. Anyway Mr. Pibb's own personal favorite Cougar Anthem (Mr. Pibb was the first to officially recognize this as a Cougar Anthem, by the bye) is today's Put It In Your Head Song of the Day.

So sit back, grab some Red Vines, and let your ears take you away...

Today's Track- "Love In an Elevator" by Aerosmith

This song is so awesome for so many reasons that Mr. Pibb's head will explode if he tries to list them all.

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