Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Tuesday Sucks

I've got a crazy theory for all you Freedom Readers out there. NBC should show its Thursday night lineup (My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, and that one with the guy who likes dudes (its the one with the hospital, i think)) on Tuesday night. Now before you flip out and write threatening things in the comments section (I'm still waiting for the first!) hear me out. I've got two solid reasons for you. 1) Thursday is a sports night. During the football season a quality college game is shown on Thursdays and once the NBA starts TNT has its basketball coverage on Thursdays, which is must-see programming because of Sir Charles. Last week I had to watch Game 5 of the ALCS and SFU v. Rutgers, and that left no time for Dwight, Tracy, and Jack Donaghy. And reason 2) I need something to look forward to on Tuesdays. Thursday night is sweet enough as it is; you get to knock back a couple beers and daydream about how you're going to do the bare minimum at work the next day and your plans for the weekend. Tuesday sucks, its a scientific fact. There's nothing to watch (unless you watch that Caveman show, which i boycott because those cavemen are pretentious assholes) and you still have more than half of the work week ahead of you. So tonight instead of watching quality TV shows I'm going to talk myself into watching the Rangers v. the Penguins on Versus, sweet life, I know. And on Thursday there is game 2 of the World Series AND the Unforgettable Hokies laying the smack down on BC's rudy-poo candy ass. I know that Thursday has always been NBC's night but who the hell cares, switch it to Tuesday so I don't kill myself.

PS- Fuck you if you say I should get Tivo.

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Rhett said...

For your first comment: I agree, and have been preaching the NBC move to Tuesday ever since I started this thing called a job. Keep on keepin on sween, see your sweet ass at my house in Dec.