Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Does my "friend's" editor have any idea about sports?

OK I have to keep this post vague and shrouded in mystery because I don't want my "friend's" editor to read this, get pissed, and can him. A little background: My "friend" writes for a publication that may or may not exist a couple nights a week. He usually writes about 3 stories a night that have to do with sports. Now I and my "friend" have suspected, for a while, that the higher-ups know virtually nothing about sports based on several different things that have been allowed to get published (i.e. the Red Sox have been referred to as baseball's lovable losers, which is false, that's the Cubs). My theory was confirmed last night when my "friend" was assigned to write a story about the USF v. Rutgers game. My "friend's" editor emailed him, writing that the game would probably end during his shift and to write up an article. Now this was last night, a Tuesday night, and last time I checked the game is on Thursday. So unless my "friend" is working a 50 hour shift than there is no chance that he can write that article. Now this may seem like an honest mistake, and I suppose it could be, but what red-blooded male in their right mind (who is a sports editor, no less) thinks a BCS-conference game involving the #2 team in the country is going to be played on a Tuesday. There is almost never a game on Tuesday and if there is one it involves the MAC or the SWAC or some other crappy conference.

So Freedom Readers, could this be an honest mistake or should my "friend" be running the sports section at this publication that may or may not exist?

PS- UConn is beating Louisville this Friday night, you can take that to the bank.

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