Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mellars, where the hell do you get your hair cut?

My buddy Dave just wrote about how he hates getting haircuts because its a big hassle for him apparently. Here's an excerpt:

"Let me preface this by saying I'm not a huge fan of getting haircuts, because I believe... the conversation you have to have with the person cutting your hair is worse then having a conversation with a certain Geneva Davenport. When I do... sit down to get my haircut, thats all I'm looking to do; just get a haircut. I'm not interested in the person whose cutting my hair, or their life story. ...To make matters worse I tell her I like the haircut (which I clearly don't) and she charges me 29 bucks for it."

My question to Dave is: Where the hell are you getting your haircut? I absolutely love getting my hair cut. I go to Anthony's Barber Shop in Waterbury, CT. Tony's is the type of place where I feel the most comfortable. It is a small place in a strip mall where every square inch of the walls are covered in sports memorabilia and I'm not talking about some crappy poster of David Wells or something but autographed photos of Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams. There is at least a dozen game-used bats in the corner from the '40s and '50s. There isn't any fancy waiting room just a couple chairs right behind the barber chair and a stack of Sports Illustrateds and Playboys. There is a TV in the corner that is either on ESPN or YES (so its not 100% perfect, sue me). The waiting is also enhanced by the other clientèle (most of them would kick my ass for using a word with an accent mark), there are a lot of old guys who will tell you about how they'd go see Duke Snider play or what it was like to be on a PT boat in WWII.

And the best part about it isn't soaking in the incredible atmosphere or reading nudey mags but talking to Tony (he's the owner and sole barber) while he's cutting your hair. This guy knows everybody in town and always has a great story to tell about going to Yankee Stadium or something like that. He's a Yankee's fan, granted, but he's classy enough to know that I'm a Sox fan so he talks about how great a park Fenway is or some other enjoyable topic. He always knows about the movies that are out and he's usually pretty right about what's good and what's crap. Just a solid all-around guy. I guess there is a sink to wash people's hair but I don't think its ever been used (and there certainly is no citrus smelling shampoo). Also, if you need it he'll give you a hot shave with a straight razor. All this atmosphere and conversation and you feel like your stealing from the guy when you hand him your 12 bucks; I'm usually in such a good mood when I leave I'll give him a 20. Oh and I always get a pretty good haircut.

Well, besides this Dave's got some pretty interesting things to say so peep his site.

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Marv O'Brien said...

I agree, I love getting my haircut. Topics range from fishing to boxing (he's an ex boxer), pretty much anything that is American. When I go to the barber I'm on a high for the rest of the day.