Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kids = Stupid

So last night I decided to tune into CBS' new reality series Kid Nation where the abandon 40 kids in a ghost town in New Mexico. These 40 kids are divided into 4 districts and they competed to see who gets what job they do and how much they get paid ($1, $.50, $.25, or $.10) etc. etc.... It was kind of intriguing, I suppose but what really got me thinking was, "Was I really this annoying and stupid when i was 11 or 12?" I have to think the answer is, unfortunately, yes. Kids are dumb, very dumb; so I was also dumb. People like to talk about how kids are smarter than you think but I disagree.

For instance, one of the kids on the show wanted to buy a bicycle from the general store but it cost 3 bucks and since her district lost the challenge she had to be a laborer and only made 10 cents a week. So she decides to dance for nickles (the only denomination of currency in Kid Nation) so she could afford the bike. So she has to get 58 nickles (she already has two) from the rest of the kids to buy a bike. She pulls it off somehow (even though she sucked at dancing). So that means that by dancing for an hour she just made about 30 times as much money as she got paid for the week. That also means that she accumulated over 15% of the entire wealth of Kid Nation (because there are 370 total nickles). If you were to apply this money-making strategy to America then you would come out with $1,969,500,000,000 (thats 1.96 trillion; or 15% of 13.13 trillion ) for an hour of dancing. Again, the moral of the story is: Kids are dumb.

And yes, I have way too much time on my hands.

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