Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Anyone else watch K-Ville last night? Normally I don't watch cop shows but I saw this one had Anthony Anderson in it and I knew I needed to watch it. If you don't know who AA (that's what his friends call him) is go rent Malibu's Most Wanted, Harold and Kumar, and the Departed. Now that's range. Basically AA stars as a cop in post-Katrina New Orleans who is teamed up with Cole Hauser (who played Benny in Dazed and Confused). It is a pretty bad show with a too much editing and a camera that shakes (I suppose to add to the intesity) but AA's performance is simply phenomenal. His character is a hard-ass who drinks on the job and doesn't play by the rules. His character is so freaking intense while I was watching the show I head-butted my dog so hard that we both screamed. Anyway if you enjoy AA as much as I do then this show is definetly worth your time. Did I mention that AA's police boss is Drew's transvestite brother from the Drew Carey Show?

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