Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I'll be honest with you, as much as I love Curb, this past episode was bad, pretty, pretty bad. If you had watched at least 2 prior eps, from any season, you knew right away that that lady in the ice cream store was vital to the kids getting into Dryden. You also knew that L.D. wasn't getting away with stealing those flowers. The only suprise was when Larry didn't let that Dean of Admissions have it after she called him obnoxious etc... It was one of those eps where you want to to slap Larry in the face and be like what the hell are you doing? Why didn't he just go buy new flowers instead of trying to steal the ones back from the lady... just an all around frustrating ep. The most frustrating thing being the fact that Leon was no where to be seen. He was HILARIOUS in the last show, he needs more face time.

Other random Curb thoughts...

-This is the second ep in a row where Jeff has been rocking Under Armour. (Last ep he was wearing a T-shirt while helping the Davids move and this ep he was wearing a polo early on).

-I thought Larry was banned from Jeff's house, so why didn't Suzie give him the business when he was there.

-Speaking of that scene, wtf was Larry eating out of a ziplock bag?

-Cheryl is still smoking. She f'ing brings the heat.

-The funniest part of this ep (probably the only funny part) was when Larry gets back home after stealing the perfume and pushes the two kids out of the way so he could get upstairs faster.

-Actually there was another funny part when Funkhouser called Larry his best friend and when he said he was an orphan. Typical Funkhouser bullshit.

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